Umi's Kitchen

Range of Indian sauces, handcrafted.


Vancouver, British-Columbia, Canada

Umi's Kitchen Indian sauces had a problem: despite being delicious, handmade and price competitive they were simply not being noticed on the crowded store shelves.

It was time for a total redesign proudly showcasing the origins and care put into the products.

Ultimately, the recently launched design resonate with consumers and the brand got a considerable increase in store listings province-wide.

Previous branding

Previous branding

Umi’s Kitchen was recently listed in the IGA Marketplace stores (44 of them), so we’re working hard to just keep up to the demand. Since the new labels the product sales have been steadily increasing - they’ve made a huge difference. Thank you!
— Allyson Nelson, Owner


  • Art Direction: Bernie Hadley-Beauregard, Laurie Millotte
  • Graphic Design: Grace Partridge, Karen Poon
  • Illustrator: Nina Hunter
  • Photography: Brandever