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Good design is an opportunity.



Connecting the dots

What is the big picture here? Everything you think, everything you say and everything you do must be aligned accordingly.


Telling your story

The last thing people need is more of the same. What makes you different that people will believe in you and your product?


Rising above the crowd

Packaging is a key differentiator in a saturated market: an opportunity to elevate your brand and tell your story in fresh and memorable ways.

How does the design process work?


Strategy Session

The goal will be to clarify things that may be unclear and to gather any relevant additional information. I will ask you questions, may propose improvements and even offer inspirations for you to consider. This step ensures we are both on the same page from the start.


discovery stage

This crucial step will allow me to pinpoint the state of your operation, identify the competitive landscape, outline the challenges and potential risks. 


BiggEr picture

Design is an opportunity. With this great add-on I will take a bird’s-eye-view of your situation, and, using my expertise in the industry, uncover opportunities, in both scope and design, you may have not envisioned. We will review my insights together.

Note: this is an add-on.


concept phasE

In this step, I will start working with ideas and exploring different implementation possibilities. Depending on your estimate,
I will develop up to three very different design directions for your consideration and explain why I have focused on these concepts amongst the many more I generated.



rounds of revisions

The goal is to prototype, test, evaluate and refine the implementation of the chosen direction to deliver a truly effective design. 

It is also at this stage, would it be needed, that an extra talent (such as an illustrator, lettering artist or copywriter) would be brought in.


final art

Now, I will be in measure to produce the final artwork with all its declinations

I will also deliver all the design assets you may need in an organized fashion. 



I will make sure nothing gets lost in translation when dealing with suppliers & manufacturers. 

This gives you the peace of mind that the final result will not only meet your expectations but always exceed them!

Note: this is an add-on.


branding strategy

Full of resources and helpful tips, your personalized and unique Branding Strategy Guide will become will become your go-to document for the actual implementation of your new branding and packaging.

Note: this is an add-on.

Is your brand ready?

Let's figure it out together.