The Rules to Building a Timeless Brand

I came across this really interesting article on the blog of CBA Design titled "The Elixir of Youth". I especially enjoyed the paragraph on "The Rules to Building a Timeless Brand". It's spot on!!!

1 - Cultivate a myth

Classic brands cannot rest on their laurels.
— CBA Design, Paris

They must 'cultivate' their story and make it constantly relevant by writing new chapters. New ranges of product, new graphic language, new points of view: they have no choice but to innovate. These great survivors have in effect been able to balance two competing forces: to remain almost unchanged so as not to disappoint, whilst at the same time continuing to evolve in order to remain relevant and  desirable. According to the model put forward by Georges Lewi, only brands that manage to maintain this equilibrium can achieve the status of a mythical brand. The myth then becoming the key that preserves the balance between modernity and tradition.


2 - Innovate

We often forget that timeless brands came into being as a result of intense creativity and a radically different perspective on their market.
— CBA Design, Paris

In 1893 a formula based on natural reflectors was key to the success of Email Diamant, the brand that has retained its position as the specialist in whitening. The Italian stationer Fabriano invented the watermark to combat counterfeiting. And in rather tastier territory Antoine Maille, as far back as 1747, was presenting numerous varieties of mustards with astonishing flavours (eg ravigote, mousseron, millefeuille). What is it that links these brands? They have understood how to stay true to their innovative roots, continuing to develop new products and creating iconic packaging.

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