Take off!
An Around the World Adventure

Spring is in the air, and with it comes the need to shake things up. Time to open the windows and let the crisp breeze flow in…

I went all-in this time around and bought a plane ticket Around-the-World!!! I'm taking off at the end of the month. I’ll be travelling for a total of 9 months, crossing 3 continents and exploring over 12 countries along the way (including, but not limited to, Vietnam, Laos, Japan, Hawaii, Mexico, Guatemala…).

While I’m not denying fulfilling my craving for relentless geographical and cultural exploration, I’m also taking this journey as an opportunity to achieve another big goal of mine: broadening my vision and craft as a Creative Director. The idea is to undertake this adventure not unlike a compagnonnage. It’s an old French word used for a traditional institution of learning and training in the arts and technical trades. It consists of a journey (used to be limited to France, but I took a slightly wider approach!) that matches the aspirant companion with masters of her craft, and from which she receives knowledge and experience.

I’m incredibly grateful for Chí-An and Joshua at Rice Creative in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and for Raúl at Savvy-Studio in Monterrey, Mexico, for accepting the challenge! I cannot wait to meet you in person and collaborate with you and your team :D

A realistic idea & fantastic notion: YOU get to create & notice the opportunities to thrive!
— Flights-of-Insight.com

I'll also be working on a new personal project: Flights-of-Insight. I want to help the creative community create and notice professional opportunities in this day and age. I share my trials and tribulations while encouraging to take action.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep working freelance for new and existing clients form every corner of the world. After all, with over 80% of my current clientele located anywhere but Germany, I came to understand that geography is becoming less and less relevant, while affinities and values make all the difference… My goal will remain delivering outstanding results and incredible service to the people and businesses who need it wherever they, or I, may be.

What about you: what is your open window this Spring?

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