Beyond Limited Edition: Endless Experimentation

Forget "limited edition" and go beyond with "limitless edition". Your brand will keep surprising and delighting consumers, giving you a cult following.

As of today, nobody does it better than Absolut Vodka.

The creative team combined digital printing with algorithms to create its Absolut Unique range, consisting of 4 millions completely individual bottle designs. The technology was used as a creativity enabler, a vital part of the creative process, rather than simply an executor.

I know it took me a good 5 minutes to choose "my bottle" among all the candidates at the duty-free shop... and I don't even drink vodka! I was just enthralled to "pick" the design that attracted me the most, which concluded in a purchase.

As a result, the collection is more than novelty: it resonates with the audience and elevates the brand.

Laurie MillotteComment