2015: An Exciting Year Ahead!

I'm taking this perfect occasion to thank you for having contributed to my life so far. Your advices, support and encouragements were truly appreciated. It's with a tingle of excitement that I'm looking forward at 2015...

In 2014, I discovered a couple of things which I believe help me maximize my potential:

  • Getting outside my comfort zone (even if it means leaving friends, great job, and possessions behind)
  • Challenging myself (such as moving to countries where I do not speak the language and do not know anyone, or freelancing with clients worldwide  NorwayGermanyEnglandSwedenAustralia  without the insurance of a steady income) 

It hasn't been always easy. For example, I will forever remember my despair upon learning that I had missed my Canadian Citizenship test (which I finally got rescheduled in August and passed!) But, I now "take all the small victories where they come and appreciate what I have" (thanks Chris Guillebeau!). It's making me a happier and better person for it.

2015 just kicked in. I see in it opportunities and discoveries that I intend to tackle full on and share with you. Some of my goals would be:

  • To collaborate on exciting meaningful projects with clients all over the world
  • To travel to South-East Asia
  • To be of service of people seeking creative advices
  • To never stop learning and expanding 

What are yours? How can I help you achieve some of them in any ways?

Ultimately, I want to keep surprising and delighting others (and myself!), with vision and gusto. Having you as an ally is an essential component to my quest and to this I'm grateful.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Once again happy New Year!

All the best from Berlin.

 - Laurie 

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