Back at Creating!

Andy Warhol, Campbell Soup, MOMA

Andy Warhol, Campbell Soup, MOMA

Last week was a blast. I became Canadian, got the opportunity to catchup with lots of friends, colleagues and former clients, squeezed in some kundalini yoga and even spent a day in New-York city (more on this later). I got so much done and at the same time so little. I miss having working on something. Simply put I missed "creating" and being in the flow of constant new ideas. 

But today is Monday, and it's with excitement that I'm tackling this work week while not yet knowing where it will take me!

With constant work comes constant inspiration. Ideas are not a predefined bucket that you should live in fear of drying up. Work creates a state that connects new ideas. Often called the creative ear, when you’re regularly working on things you enjoy, the walls come down and seemingly insignificant moments spark inspiration.
— Gregory Ciotti, lead content strategist at Help Scout

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