Fully Immersed

I read this very interesting article on CreativeBloq on the Secrets of Branding

The part that particularly stroke me was about Immersion:

To build a detailed picture of a client's business, many specialist branding agencies have an immersion phase built into their fee structure as a fundamental part of the brand audit process, during which extensive research is undertaken using qualitative and quantitative methodologies.

If it’s the creation of a completely new brand – and we’re the first people asked – then we tend to go on what’s called a ‘100-day plan’, one period of which is immersion and strategy.
— David Law, co-founder and executive strategic creative director at London-based design firm SomeOne

This totally aligned with my creative process and my willingness to look and work at the Bigger Picture. I want to supply my clients with ultimately a cohesive and relevant brand, immersing myself and working on strategy is the way to attain it.

Laurie MillotteComment