Working Hard on Teaching a New Skillshare Class!

I truly believe there is a skill in creative directing. It is challenging but exhilarating work!

I'm back in France, among my family, for the holidays season. I'm using this time to record my upcoming Skillshare class where I teach students how to brief and collaborate with other creatives. 

This is really my favourite part of the creative process: having a good concept and working with the right talent (wherever it may be) to bring the whole project to life in ways that surpass what I had first envisaged. 

The different touch points of the class will be: how to hire another creative, how do you discuss price and negotiate rights, how can you make your ideas understood, how to manage people's needs and expectations, etc.

 It is with great pleasure that I am sharing my findings with the Skillshare community in the hope to foster more positive creative collaborations in the near future!

Laurie MillotteComment