Nine Agency

So I spent 3 days among the Swedish Nine team this week and it was really inspiring! 

My colleagues were easy-going and keen to approach things with gusto and enthusiasm. It's really a treat to be able to travel to work in the same studio (especially at the beginning). I will now develop the two chosen concepts further from Berlin which I call home for now.

A couple of things worth noting:

  • Bringing enthusiasm to the meeting table and letting your ego at the door are truly the best way in generating groundbreaking ideas.
  • I believe in sharing your creative process, understanding people's methods of working and giving tips and advice without restraints.
  • Swedish people are truly amazingly bilingual!
So much fun to have you here and work with you for the past few days, thanks for coming up!
— Andreas Linnell, Creative Director

Laurie MillotteNineComment