they want stories.""/>

"People don’t want stuff,
they want stories."

I just read this great article on the future of branding. Peter Knapp, global creative officer for Landor, explains that the rules of the game has yet changed again: the best way to sell is to convert your consumers into fans.

Illustration by  Maike Plenzke  for  Poolga

Illustration by Maike Plenzke for Poolga

A brand is a reason to choose, and a reason to return. You achieve this through relevant differentiation.

There is a level playing field that includes you (a brand or business), your target audience and the competition, and your goal is to get as far away from the competition as possible and as close to the customer as possible.

That’s the game.
— Peter Knapp, global creative officer for Landor

This is what I believe in and what I thrive to bring to my clients.

However, I agree with Knapp: brands should remain careful not to deliver empty promises. Otherwise they will be called out on it and quickly discarded!

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