How Premium Design Stays Ahead of the Curve

This is really a bang on article on Marketing Week by David Burrows, on how high-end brands are under greater pressure than ever from mid-market competitors emulating their designs.

The challenge of being premium is to continually reinvent the language of premium so the rest stay a step behind you. If other brands ‘borrow our clothes’ and we stand still, then suddenly we don’t look premium. It’s [therefore] up to the very best design and creative talent to constantly push the boundaries.
— Jocelyn McNulty, marketing director at Tyrrells Crisps
Premium brands in particular are well-placed to do this. The genuine premium brands subvert the rules of premium, in our case using wit and humour.
— Jocelyn McNulty, marketing director at Tyrrells Crisps

I totally agree that nowadays standing out is much trickier than looking premium. And this is where packaging, within consistent branding can become the key differentiator.

Are you ready?

Laurie MillotteComment