I am pursuing my adventure and I am now living in Berlin, the coolest European city according to anyone I ask.

I am working as a Senior Designer for an agency in town (more to come on that later) and I am settling into my new surroundings. So far, I really love it. The busy-ness, the mix of cultures, the big straße and the small quaint neighbourhoods... There is a lot to take in and the days are too shorts (especially with the long German workdays!)

I was wandering the streets behind my building when I came across this ridiculous and darling shop window. I believe it is for a small liquor shop, can't say for sure since it was closed. I decided on the spot that it would be my opening feature onto this eclectic city.



This post is dedicated to my amazing friend Laura.

The full window in all its splendor!

Laurie MillotteComment