SkillShare - Developing Adobe Illustrator Skills

I am totally thrilled by SkillShare. Seriously, I am so excited to learn and develop skills at my own pace and from the comfort of home. They tackle branding, entrepreneurship, lettering and so much more!

I just finished a class on a subject dear to mine: How to build a Social Mission-Driven Brand by Neil Blumenthal, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Warby Parker. And I am starting Brand Identity: Design Adaptable Branding System by Paula Scher from Pentagram! Truly world class!!!

But first thing first, I took a class taught by Brad Woodard on the Ins and Out of Illustrator. The goal was to redraw a vintage poster entirely in the vectorial software. I chose the iconic Normandie poster by Cassandre from 1935. 

Original Poster, circa 1935

My Vector Take

My Vector Take

It might not be perfect and I have yet to add textures, but overall I am really pleased by the results. And while I use the program daily at work, it was amazing to discover new tools or more efficient ways of doing things and I learnt a lot!

PS: oh, and all of this what done on the trackpad of my laptop too (I don't have a mouse or tablet at home!)