By the Water

Finally some sun today! 

Oslo has been having one of the worst grey winter in its history with only 16 hours of sun since the beginning of the year!

As I go for a stroll along the harbour, I concentrate around the newly redeveloped area of Tjuvholmen. This little peninsula is home to some really nice (understand really expensive) apartments, with chic restaurants and art galleries. Just at the corner stands the Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art designed by Renzo Piano.

This is truly high-class architecture living. We are a long way from the traditional block mapping of North-America. Here you wonder on bridges over canals, contemplate art pieces at every corner or simply gaze at the older part of the city a little further away. Each building while different, play perfectly one another, making sure to keep it interesting for the passerby.

Now, if only I had a million or two to be able to live here... but that’s another story!

Laurie MillotteComment