Embracing Change to Design a Better World

We’re all heading into the unknown; the future is an undefined space that can seem daunting and uncertain. But it is also a place of infinite possibilities, creativity and ideas where the only threat to real progress is the fear of making mistakes. Change is happening all around us and it is by understanding cultural change that we, as designers, can identify the ideas that will help make a better future for us all.

1. The future should resolve a tension
Our best innovations come from those who set aside conventional limitations to understand real deficit and disrupt categories by leveraging multifaceted expertise.

2. The future should be better AND easier
With expectations ever increasing, the future is about making things less complex and ever iterative. The distinguishing characteristics of visionary thinking are about clarity and being truly useful.

3. The future should feel uncomfortable
The future is new, which can often feel challenging and unfamiliar, but without change there is no future. Disruption is about setting fears aside and recognizing the unlimited potential in the unknown.

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Laurie MillotteComment